10:16 PM

When I grow up I want to be a spinner.....

I have a couple of swaps that I am doing on Ravelry and I am having sooooooooo (was that enough o's?) much fun shopping for them. I decided I would try to find some locally spun yarn to send and I am pretty excited to have found it!! Yay! But I am thinking: I so want to learn to spin myself! How rewarding is that to have spun the yarn; then knit it!! I love the idea. It makes me feel independent when I make my own clothes from my own designs and spinning just seems the next avenue.....aaahhh. But my husband will kill me if I try to take on another endeavor. He is very supportive, don't get me wrong, but at some point I really need to come out of my sewing/hobby room and tend to my family. Really, I do. They outnumber me anyway, I gotta show up or the kids will take over......

6:09 PM

Gotta love a swap!!!

I got this wonderful package in the mail for a swap on Ravelry.......It was fantastic!
And here is some loot from another swap:
Who doesn't love getting mail!!

I have been working diligently on Mopsy, my troll pin cushion doll and here is a preview!