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Just keep smiling!

Wow, has the etsy store been slooooow the last couple of weeks. I think there are a few reasons for that: 1) I forgot to sign up for my normal ad on Ravelry 2) I have been so behind I missed a week or so on updating and 3)A lot of us are just strapped for cash! I mean even if fiber/yarn were a necessity most of us have enough to knit the world a sweater (I hear the jingle now: I'd like to knit the world a sweater and then some mittens too sung to the tune of I'd like buy the world a coke or whatever that song is. Yep someone needs to go to bed)

Anyway I have corrected two of those problems. My ad is rotating again on Rav and I just dyed (as I mentioned in the last post) a ton of yarn and fiber and silk!!! So tonight's update is silk!
I love silk, and spinning it is a dream. If you haven't tried it yet here are a few links for ya:

Knitty: How to Spin Silk Hankies
Video: How to Spin Hankies (gotta love rexenne, she taught me to Navajo Ply)
Learn more about Spinning Silk

Oh and on the you poor baby side of life, I sold my Louet Roving Jr. Carder with the intention of buying a Louet S17 so I could totally pimp it out (I am thinking lime green and pink for real). Found a fabulous deal from a fellow phattie (check out her store for some yummy batts) so the sale completely covered the cost of the wheel. Then guess what? Yep you guessed it; the water heater broke tonight in one of our restaurants and refuses to be fixed. So it looks like no wheel :( Poor hubby feels terrible but honestly, I have two wheels hence the "you poor baby" (said with sarcasm of course). Praise God I have the extra money to give!

And on the smiley side of life:

You know you are a farm girl when you think keep baby chicks in your house is a good idea. Or when you ask for them for your birthday, then for mother's day.........I have been asking hubby for these for 10 years! Then today in he walks with a box full of chicks and I fall in love with him all over again. If you think that's something you should have seen me when I got my muck boots for Christmas.

So to end on a crafty note I have my Climbing Vines Sweater almost finished, just have the front left, on the bobbin I have a mohair/alpaca blend, on the other bobbin Lorna's Laces Roving (something about a mountain, can't remember.....) and the sewing machine is still quietly waiting to make me a skirt.

Please forgive the blathering, the bad spelling and incorrect grammar. I am too tired to re-read this :)


Jo said...

What do you do with the baby chicks? Do you live somewhere you can raise chickens? I've always wanted to do that.

My8kidsmom said...

Hi Jo! Yep we live on a farm. Our farm blog is www.countingsheepfarm.blogspot.com