7:40 PM

I'm a Yarnie!!

I finally took the plunge and became a yarnie on Ravelry! Now you can stash my hand dyed yarns!

So, who is doing the Tour De Fleece?
I am!! I am on three teams: Phatfiber, Spin or Dye Swapping and of course I have my own team! We would love to have you! All that is required is that you join my group and then either spin from your stash or fiber from my shop.

I have been busy carding some lovely batts with my drum carder. Here's what I have come up with so far:

4 oz of alpaca/silk/firestar

1 oz alpaca/angora/silk/firestar

kid mohair/wool/silk/firestar
4 oz of alpaca/silk/firestar/mohair

I am gearing up to begin spinning like mad!! So do you plan the project to knit before you spin or just spin and see what happens?