2:59 PM

No, honestly…. I am not a Wedding Photographer…

I am just saying taking pictures of the barnyard and wedding photographs are really very different.  Very.different.   But in a moment of weakness I said yes and yesterday I played the role of Wedding Photographer.


There are a few things I wish I had done differently but all in all the photos are lovely. 


The editing software made up for the times the flash wouldn’t behave and God heard my cries of please don’t let me ruin these pictures…

One of my favorite moments was when the little flower girl walked in to the auditorium and announced:

I am going to take your picture!

Oh, okay….”  I said , “where’s your camera?”

I am using yours!”

How could I turn her down?


11:08 AM

What’s in your bag…

I was going through my stash to upload more on Rav when I noticed my knitting bag.   I was amazed by how much my bag reflected me.


I have everything I need to be organized yet I don’t keep up with it!  My bag is a mess!  I keep searching for the perfect bag, certain that that is the missing link to organization.

If you look closely you can see that I have a couple of non-knitting items…my Hillsong cd for instance.


Oh the pockets!!  They are filled with my favorite sock dpns and just general I don’t know what to do with this stuff.  I am a hoarder and I have several needles in the same sze “just in case”.

Yep my knitting bag is a mess!   Just like me!

What’s in your bag?

4:02 PM

Getting Phat in January!


As usual there are goodies galore!


Pictured above:  Desert Garden, Gale’s Art Fiber, Vivid Creation Fibers, and Vibrant Fibers.


Color Bug Yarns, Moonwood Farm,Bohemian Knitter Chic and From Ewe to You


Giffordables, Sandy’s Palette, Fiber Fancy, Bitsy Knits and Silver Sun Alpacas


and finally, WC Mercantile, Knit It Up, Kira K Designs, and Comfed Out Kaiser.

3:56 PM

NO Fear! Cast On!!


As my stash looms over me and my WIPs threaten me with certain doom I find myself losing my knitting mojo.  After all I have been knitting on the same projects for a month now.  I needed a break!   So I decided to cast on!  (Gasp!!  Yes-cast on!)   Using my stash of course I casted on with abandon!   In fact I am nearly finished with Ziggy and lovely hat knitting in an unconventional way.

No Fear!  Cast on!  You’ve got stash to use up anyway!

(If you would like to cast on with the group this weekend, click here for more details. Who knows you could be the next Crazy Cast On Guru…)

5:39 PM

Starry Nights!

I am so happy with how it the dye job turned out!



I also dyed up some Romney, BFL and Soysilk for some more Farm Fresh Batts.


I’ve got my groove back!

11:44 AM

Warped Weaver

Packed far away, among the forgotten treasures from 2009 is this rigid heddle Harp Loom.


I have found my weaving skills to be basically non-existent.  I am self taught by nature and almost everything I know (or think I know) I learned on my own….but this…not so much.   Classes?  I’ve looked into those.  I will have to save up.


At any rate I am pulling the old girl out again to see if I can’t at least finish what I started.

7:01 PM

It has begun….

The stashing is underway and although I had great intentions to get this pile under control…


as is usually the case, good intentions do not equal job done. In fact today was pretty much a wash as far as getting things done EXCEPT(!) I did get this dyed!


…..and the farm store is being updated :)

7:32 PM

A few things accomplished….

A few more yarns stashed on Ravlery for the 2010 Stash Down Challenge…


A few rows knitted on my rectangular shawl…


and a few yards of handspun made from this batt….


12:47 PM

Join us for the 2010 Stash Down Challenge!



Is your yarn stash getting out of control?    Do you have so much fiber waiting to be spun you are considering insulating your home with it?  If so this challenge is for you!

What is the 2010 Stash Down Challenge?   It is lots and lots of fun that’s what it is….however, there is a catch.   To participate you must join The Counting Sheep Farm Ravelry Group.  Not on Ravelry yet?   No problem!  It’s easy to join!  Just hop on over to Ravelry and sign up.   It is worth it I promise.

So if you haven’t joined the farm group come on over!   You will be able to earn points that will be used for discounts at  The Farm Store and have the  opportunity to enter the random contests! 

Get ready to stash down!

The 2010 Stash Down officially starts Monday, January 4, 2010.