8:30 AM

Hello World!

Last year was our first year doing fiber festivals (I say “we” because Great Lakes Pygora/Ewe Spun Woolworks and I have a partnership called Wooly Friends and we travel to fiber shows together) and we made a lot of mistakes.   This year we feel a bit more confident and a bit more ready to meet the world.



A lot of my knitting time right now is spent on samples for the booth but I pick patterns that I can wear and enjoy so it doesn’t take any of the joy.DSC_0812

I have cleared out some of the extra debris in my fiber room and now I am focusing on fiber batts.  I just love to spin these things so I am just as happy spinning them myself if they don’t sell!


My first weaving project is off the loom and looking very much like a first weaving project but I am still pleased as punch!   This is going to be a bag.


The dye business has grown enough that I am now dyeing 4 days a week or so!   I am very thankful :)   The farm store is being update weekly unless I am close to another fiber festival.  Please stop by and check it out!

11:54 PM

I have a loom!!

I have been waiting, even praying (yes, really!) for one of these :)  


It is a Structo Artcraft Loom.  I haven’t had a chance to do my research to find out when it was made but it’s at least vintage.


I spent most of the evening attempting to warp it.


I am not quite done but all things considered it’s going pretty well.  I will share pics when it’s done.

4:01 PM

In between all the drama…

With all that is going on here at the farm…illnesses,  a sick lambs, sick kids…I still managed to get a few things done :)


a lovely sock


applique on a quilt top (almost finished!)


even some dying!

10:13 PM

Tour De Fleece Day 4


10:34 PM

TDF Day 3



10:05 PM

TDF Day 2


11:55 PM

Boy, I needed that….


Vacation that is….I took my four youngest children to Florence, KY for a mini vacation.   We had a wonderful time!


We visited the Creation Museum, Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Zoo.   All in all it was a lovely time and a fabulous rest from the treadmill.

Waiting for me when I got home was this wonderful swap package!  (notice the Golding spindle?  my first!)



I also got my order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (I have a thing for these perfumes)


And finally since the first day of TDF is today I spent an hour spinning camel on my drop spindle :)