2:25 PM

Getting Crafty with Cake And Lace


This past weekend we had an open house for our two oldest boys.  I know, I know it’s late but that’s life here at the Peck household.   Technically Joey graduated last year but he still had math to finish.   He became very sick and was diagnosed with colitis.  Since Joey’s finished in December we decided to do them both this summer.   On a whim I decided to try my hand at cake decorating!



How’d I do?  :)

I am also busy getting ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival where I will be working in a booth with Allison from Great Lakes Pygora and Ewe Spun Woolworks.   Since Allison sells beautiful pygora in one ounce packages we really needed to have a sample to show what one ounce will do.



I spun it lace weight and knitted it as a single using the ostrich plume pattern.


geoknitter said...

It was great to see you at the Fest today.

Your cakes look AMAZING! Good job!