3:46 PM

What's new????

Well, lots! I am spinning like crazy and already have 5 skeins of yarn ready to ply. It's all bumpy and lumpy but it's all good :) Don't know what I will make out of it yet but I will make something!!! I now own two drop spindles: one Greensleeves apprentice and an Ashford something or other. I am saving my way to a spinning wheel......

Still working on the same socks I have been for the past month but I am at the heel flap for the 2nd sock so I am at the home stretch!

Finally, we are getting sheep!!! We will soon have a website set up at www.countingsheepfarm.com
where we hope to sell fleeces, breeding stock and other goodies. It is a long story as to how we ended up decided to do 3 breeds that I will save for another day but we will be handling Cormos, Jacob Sheep and Finnish. It is going to be a family affair and we are very excited!! If you pop by the site and it isn't up yet, please check back!