9:59 AM

Finally the Cormo is here!!!

Many of you know that aside from my dyeing business, my family and I run The Counting Sheep Farm. It started with 5 free Jacob sheep. We know are proud breeders of Cormo (one of the first in Michigan) and Finnsheep. We are adding a third breed and are very excited! We just received our first wool harvest back from Zeillinger's Mill, and we are very pleased! The picture above is some of our Jacob roving.

This (above) is Finn Roving from my daughter's sheep, Alex and Sweetpea.

This beautiful roving came from Leah (pictured below) our Cormo/Border Leicester Cross.

This is beautiful Jacob roving from Mariah (pictured below).

And this is a beautiful, scrumptious, soft blend of Cormo, Alpaca and Silk!

Kara (the foster mom pictured below) is the one of the donators to this beautiful combed top. If you want to read more about this interesting pair, you can find there story here.

All the fiber listed can be found at our Farm Esty Store.

7:50 PM

Etsy Update!

8:45 PM

Back from Charlevoix!

And can you believe I didn't take a single picture??? I was having way too much fun! I did well at the show and came home with lots of ideas!

This is my favorite purchase. The picture does not do it justice but it is a clay wall hanging. I am going to use it as the theme for my living room and dining room!

This is a needle punch kit from last year. I finally got a hoop!

1:02 PM

It's that time again!!!

Phat fiber time!!! Lots of lovely non- wool goodies!

I received:

Stitchmarkers from:
DesignsbyTami from DesignsbyTami.com
A lovely button from www.desertgarden.etsy.com
Fiber Gift tags from www.fibergifttags.etsy.com
And a Sun Conure!!! Okay not really....this is my husband's new baby Pippen. Isn't she a doll?

And now for the fiber roll call:

Silk Hankies!! from infinitespirals.etsy.com
Mohair!!! (remember me and mohair got thing goin') from Farmgirl Chic
Bamboo!! Do it Natchwoolie!
Milk fiber/alpaca/bamboo batt from Gifforables
FOUR samples from Natural Obsessions! (Silk, Milk, Tencel and Bamboo)
A lovely batt from Maude and Me.
Beautiful Hand Dyed Fiber from Enchanted Yarn
100% Bamboo from Beesybee Fibers
Shimmah! Batt from Strike My Fancy
Hand Dyed Bamboo from Alaskan Sass
Hand Dyed Bamboo yarn from Christina Marie Potter
RECYCLED Yarn from Jag's Funky Fibers
More Bamboo! www.moonlightandlaughter.etsy.com
Sheep's Milk Soap from www.holidayyarns.com
Plant Dyed Yarn from Mama Jude
Evinrude knitting pattern from Pogknits

Wow! What a list! As usual I will spin it all up so you can see pics of each fiber. Sorry I don't have it done yet but I am leaving tomorrow for Castle Farms!!! If you are planning on visiting, come see me at Booth 21.

Let me know if you get any of my samples! I would love to know how you liked it!

7:15 PM

Slightly under the weather and quite out of my mind......

Well, I am feeling better but the mind thing........yeah that's a problem.

Anyway after being laid up for a whole week I am feeling a bit behind and I am frantically getting ready for the Fiber Festival at Castle Farms this weekend and get a box of samples shipped to the Phatfiber gurus.

Here is one of the many dye jobs I managed to get done this weekend:

10:10 PM

Tour De Fleece Day 6

Cotton this time!

Charlie likes to join in the fun. Don't worry, he doesn't sit on the wheel while I am spinning!
Oh and there's another my8kidsmom giveway at Phatfiber! Check it out!

7:19 PM

Tour De Fleece Day 3 and happy swapping!!!!

The joy of swapping!!!! I got a lovely package in the mail from my partner in the Books-n-more swap on Rav. Thanks Tootsie319!!!! (See the yummy stitch markers? Yeah, I like those!)

Two skeins Berroco Inca Gold, yummy soft!

3 balls of Kid Merino from Crystal Palace Yarns, you guys know I love me some mohair blends!

2 Mystery Novels, Kathryn was kind enough to make sure they were clean :)

Hand made dish cloths!!!! LOVE(10000)!!!

More goodies, the second novel, coco, tea and chocolate (dark, my fav!)

A Vogue Mag, All About Florida and.......Knitting Lace of Estonia!!!! Fabulous loot huh?

Alright on to Tour De Fleece:
I finished the bobbin I started last night and chain plied it.

And then started on a wonderful batt from giffordables.etsy.com.

10:09 PM

Tour De Fleece Day 1

Happy July 4th and happy tour de fleece!!! I spent the afternoon with family and the evening spinning. On the bobbin is about 1 oz of my own hand carded creation, a blend of wool/silk/alpaca and firestar. As usual the picture doesn't do it justice.

And here is a bit of Soysilk that I had to finish spinning and plying before I could "officially" start.

And just for fun, a couple of pics of my silly bird :) I poured myself a glass of coke. To my surprise he used his beak to pull himself up and.....

helped himself!!! Silly bird, no more Coke for you, you can't have all that caffeine you know!

5:09 PM

Say hello......

to Charlie!! My new parrot! Those of you who know me, know I have wanted a bird since I was a girl. He is a beautiful 2 year old Meyers Parrot :)