6:38 PM

Pygora Fiber!!

This post is long past due, I know. This past summer I went to the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Fiber Fest and took their sheep shearing class (which is fabulous btw). While I was there I met the owners of the Great Lakes Pygoras and was able to come home with a lovely raw fleece. Processing it seemed a bit daunting as it had to be dehaired but I found it relatively easy.

First I washed it with a couple of drops of Dawn and rinsed it. Once was enough as it wasn't very dirty and of course did have much lanolin (if any? I really don't think goats have lanolin.)

Then sent the fiber through the spin cycle in my washing machine

And finally set it to dry in the window

Now the dehairing part........all it took was a set of mini combs!

Sorry about the bad picture but you get the idea. Load your comb with the dry fleece then turn your other comb so that it is at a right angle to the first (the combs should criss cross if that makes sense) Be careful with these babies though, I have stabbed myself several times! The long fiber will be transferred to the second comb, leaving the short hairs on the first. Just toss these in the garbage. I found that 4 passes got most of the hair. There is a lot of hair in there but don't be tempted to comb less in the hopes to save some fiber as the hairs will continue to come out after it's spun and knitted. I comb until I have most of the hair removed and then spin directly off the comb. What is left is wonderful! I plan on plying this with Cormo. It should make a beautiful soft hat for that special someone- me! (yep, I really am that selfish!)