2:50 PM

Getting crafty......

I have finally finished washing the last of the Alpaca fiber and it is lush! The picture does not do it justice, it is really a deep rich mahagony color. I am lucky enough to live just around the corner from an Alpaca farm, the White Cloud Alpacas. Lovely.

And here is my loot from the Spindle Addicts Swap on Ravelry. Lots of great stuff! Two spindles, handmade soap and body powder, stitch markers and fiber galore!

And just for fun, my first yarn, made on my drop spindle!

Now off to work on my handmade spindle for the swap!

11:04 PM

What is that crazy lady up to now?

That's what my family says. Lovingly I hope! Well I have been spending a lot of time sitting in front of this:

Yes!! I have my own spinning wheel! I bought this lovely Ashford Elizabeth 2 from The Spinning Wheel and I adore it. Why did I pick the Elizabeth 2 you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! It's simple really. It is the only wheel I could get to work!! I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the double treadle wheels moving in one direction continously. I will post some pictures of my handspun and of some of the other things I have been working on as soon as I can get this dumb camera to work!