6:06 AM

What ya doing?

Sewing! Sorry about the bad pics. They do reflect my bad mood though. My sister had to put down her 3 yr old German Shepherd Saturday. It was really sudden (she had a really fast growing cancer) and we are all devasted. My sister and her family for obvious reasons, me b/c Yindy stayed with me whenever they went on vacation. I spent many hours working with "Princess Yindy" and I planned on keeping her when they left the states for fulltime missions. Sad rant over.....

I also got some silk dyed :)

5:33 PM

Phat Fiber!

I am always excited when the phatfiber box shows up!!! It is full of lovelies! Click on the pic to visit the contributor's store :)

Lots of yum!!!

9:17 AM

I got 1st!!!!

Back from MFF and I am throughly exhausted but still tickled pink over my new ribbon!

7:34 PM

Paint and supplies.....


A house that feels like your own......priceless

It's not quite done yet but so far so good!!

If you happen to visit the Michigan Fiber Festival I will be working in the Great Lakes Pygora booth. Stop and say hi!!

12:22 PM

If all the world's a stage......

then could I be a ballerina for a while? I am tired of being the fat lady who sings....just sayin'. This losing weight stuff is for the birds.

I thought you might like to see my dye studio! Yep, it's my back porch ;) It's working really well right now but I am hoping to have the basement ready by winter so I can sling my dyes down there.

If you haven't had a chance to enter the farm contest, go check out the blog and enter!

I don't know why Tia is in such a bad mood. She can eat whatever she wants!

9:43 PM

I have been busy!!!

Another update at My8kidsmom.etsy.com!

And an update at Counting Sheep Farms! There's a contest too, visit the farm blog for more info.

And finally I washed wool, alpaca and mohair.......

and dyed roving and locks! :)