8:24 PM

The Wonder of it all…..

I love how this:


becomes this:


I never get tired of seeing the transformation caused by reskeining yarn.


Speaking of things I love….

I love that the flowers are blooming


I love that I am the proud new owner of a dragonfruit plant….(thank earthnut!)


I love how tall the grass is in the sheep pasture


and I love this new cow!


10:05 AM

Dyeing mania!




More Raspberry Beret (Slightly more subdued b/c of the base used)


Desert Bloom (I think this one is a new favorite!)


Raspberry Bush (man, I am all about raspberries!)

These are going up in the Farm store and the Etsy store today.


I still have the quilting bug.   My latest project is a Mckenna Ryan quilt.  I will share pics soon, promise!

10:41 AM

It gets a little crazy at times….

It is a little busy here with the kids, the farm, homeschooling and the businesses.   People ask me all the time “How do you do it?”   My answer is always the same.   Sometimes I don’t!   Sometimes the house is a mess, the kids have macaroni and cheese three days in a row and I spend a lot of time multitasking during the homeschool hours.   Today I am desperately hoping to get the house in some kind of order, dye and reskein some yarn and dig around in the gardens.   We will see how much of that I actually get done.   My biggest problem is my horrible lack of organization.  I need an intervention!!


Well on to the crafty stuff!  

This incredibly yummy merino yarn will turn into my new Apple Blossom colorway.


Remember the beautiful red shawl I am knitting?   Yeah, well….I am knitting.it.wrong.    Turns out I was supposed to be using size 15 needles.   I really should have double checked before I started and completely dropped the ball on that one.    At any rate I get to keep the nearly finished one and the new one will work up so fast on size 15 needles!  Besides, this yarn is really nice to knit.


On the Rav group we are doing a knitalong using the lovely Subversive Skull Cap as our pattern.  We have just cast on and would love to have you join in.   (Did I mention there will be contests?)


And! there is another update coming for the Farm Store.  I have also added a few items to the Etsy shop.

4:51 PM

Okay not so crafty…


Maybe this post is pre-crafty :)   I have to send post some photos on Rav but you know you can’t directly upload them :)

This is scoured Icelandic fleece that I am selling.   A little over a pound…



12:37 PM

Crafty People are Often Crazy….

Well, at least I hope I am not the only crazy one!  

I have a couple things to show off…first I am most proud of my new sign for fiber festivals:



Most of the fiber festivals I vend at I do so with my partner of Wooly Friends so I am excited to quilt a sign for those shows too.  Next I will be working on the new bags I designed.  I am super excited about those!

Speaking of Fiber Festivals, I will be at The Old Farm Girl Festival May 28th & 29th so I have been dyeing up a storm.


I have also been knitting a bit.


The Farm Store has been updated, I hope you will stop by and check it out!  There’s new soysilk, bfl and silk, and lovely yarns.

Have a great Monday!

9:01 PM

Getting Batty!

On the 15th I am heading to the Michigan Fiber Fiesta and then at the end of May I get to stay close to home for The Old Farm Girl Fiber Festival.  I am extra excited about this one because I will be bringing Mercy (our Icelandic bottle lamb) and Nutmeg (one of my English Angoras).


The drum carder got lots of use today in hopes that I would be able to get ahead for the fiber shows.


If you happen to be near White Cloud on Memorial Day weekend stop by and see us!

9:46 PM

Hello??? Anyone out there???

I dyed a little today.  (I chuckle inside everytime I say something like that!)  I am getting ready for fiber festival season and my first show is May 15th.  Are you going??  It’s in Greenville, MI.


Purty huh?


And just in case you were wondering I have made some knitting progress.


I love the pattern but I am not overly thrilled with heal.  It’s seems a little unrefined, almost like it doesn’t got with the flow.


Sorry I have been MIA for so long :(  Hope someone is still reading this blog……