8:25 AM


This is the batt I made using the fiber from September's Phat Fiber Box. If you are interested in batts I do have some for sale at the farm site.

I am really pushing it with my samples this month, I meant to have them out a week ago! I do plan to send them off today.........

Sorry Jessie

But if you are interested check out the farm blog and you can see what's going in the box!

8:19 PM

Busy, busy busy.....

I am so terrible at this catchy title thing......but I have been busy :)

I got the last yarn package in the mail and now I have everything I need to do my Christmas knitting. This yarn and pattern is for my 13 year old son, Josiah.
And Allison's shawl is coming along nicely....despite the fact that I have had to rip it out and then after getting back to where I was I realize I messed up the border.......
But all is well I did have to tink and then re-knit but I cheated and just ripped out the border. It was a little tricky but worked out nicely. I treated it like dropped stitches.
I have some fiber back from the mill (you can see it here) that I will be packaging up for the phat fiber box and then I will be dyeing some samples in a new colorway: Spiced Wine. I just need to decide.....yarn or fiber?

3:16 PM

Wordless Wednesday the Phat fiber way!

2:28 PM

I love packages!

My KnitPicks package came today full of yarn for christmas knitting. Each of my children picked out a pattern for mom to knit for the them with the understanding that it may not be under the tree ;) As you can see Tyler liked going through the package too!

The Chart Keeper is for me :) Do you have any idea how long I have wanted one of those???

And this is the latest project, The Every Way Wrap. I think Tyler found a mistake.......

The Etsy store is updated too!

8:44 PM

Help! The mess has taken over!

The vacation only lasted a week but you know......I am still recovering from it! My office is a disaster, I have winter squash waiting to be put in the freezer, apples needing to be put into applesauce and the house desperately needs some deep cleaning. The dye pots are being neglected and my Phat Fiber box from September is still sitting here waiting to be properly ohhed and ahhhed over. I don't think even Calgon can fix this!

I did get my8kidsmom.etsy.com and countingsheep.etsy.com up and running though and even have an update to do tomorrow.

And......my bird loves me, so life isn't too bad :)

As promised here is another find from Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool: Merino Wool hand dyed using red onions skins by Vibrant Fibers. This is beautiful stuff, let me tell you! I am thinking hat maybe????

12:27 PM

Back from vacation!

And I am still recovering!! After TN I headed to West Branch, MI for Northern Lamb and Wool and bought many wonderful things including this:

Don't worry more details and fabulous stuff about NL&W to come, I promise!

My phatfiber box was waiting for me and was fabulous as usual. It is time for me to get started on November boxes but I am still a bit exhausted from vacation!Yep, I owe you more details on the box too. Until then here is a pic of the guy who is taking up all my time :) My sweet family paid for Tyler, a rehomed African Grey!