10:32 PM

HOt Swapity action!

Score!   Check the extra fabulous packages I received!

First the Phatfiber Unbirthday swap.


Here are the goodies up close:



Then the Fibery Goodness Swap.




2:20 PM

Beware the groove…

For awhile there, I had completely lost my groove!   We moved one of our restaurants, the work at the farm seemed to increase and I just felt a bit overwhelmed.

I am happy to say however that the groove is back!   betty shawl

I am knitting a shawl for a local dyer (Mohair in Motion) and in exchange I got this beautiful Mohair/Glitz yarn.


It’s a bad picture but you get the idea.


It’s a lovely 80 degrees in my neck of the woods today so I was able to steal some time to spend in the gardens!


Here is the small bit I got weeded.   I am looking forwarded to warmer weather so I can add some more plants.   In the meantime I will spend some time deciding exactly what I want :)


There is plenty of weeding to keep me occupied while I was for the danger of frost to pass.   This picture above is a climbing rose surrounded by weeds :(