1:33 PM

Is it over yet?

I love doing Fiber Shows…yet…they really suck up a lot of time!   I am looking forward to knitting just because I want to, not because I have to get a sample done for the booth.

I did manage to get two projects finished though:

WIP 002

The shawl was knitted using my Brown Trout colorway.   I should completely out before the shawl was even finished :)

WIP 005

My lovely October Leaves Fingerless Mitts, knit out of my African Plains colorway.

Another lovely envelope came in the mail the other day.   I have Minions!!!


2:09 PM

I am almost forgot…

My lovely envelope from the Lucky Charms Mini Swap:


1:10 PM

In the case of a Zombie Apocalypse…

I will at least have soap!  This soap has my favorite scent so far.   It is manly yet still soft enough for a woman.   It will be listed in the Farm Store soon.


This is a rebatch of some soap that didn’t hold it’s scent after curing.   I am all about the smellies :)   I can’t wait to see how it will look after it’s unmolded.   I decided to try layering colors for effect.


This beautiful disaster will have to be rebatched also I am afraid.   Failure to plan = failed soap :(   I didn’t check to be sure I had enough lye and ended up two ounces short.   I thought I would practice swirling and as is life it looks pretty great.   Too bad I have to re-do.


I finished up some custom dye orders this weekend (fitting for labor day wouldn’t you say?)



And now I am busy updating the farm store :)