8:40 AM

Store Update!

Picnik collage

Sorry neglected blog.  I have been focusing on the Farm Blog but I just updated that one and needed a place to post this picture for Ravelry.   I would love if you would follow me over there ;)

7:31 PM

Sneak Peak…


All the fiber club packages are packed and very nearly ready to send out!   I am so excited!


Just in case you are interested there is a new soap in the Farm Store.


and a bit of Jacob in The Etsy Store….


not to mention the new Alpaca/Cormo/Silk blend :)

10:48 AM

Store update!




1:33 PM

Is it over yet?

I love doing Fiber Shows…yet…they really suck up a lot of time!   I am looking forward to knitting just because I want to, not because I have to get a sample done for the booth.

I did manage to get two projects finished though:

WIP 002

The shawl was knitted using my Brown Trout colorway.   I should completely out before the shawl was even finished :)

WIP 005

My lovely October Leaves Fingerless Mitts, knit out of my African Plains colorway.

Another lovely envelope came in the mail the other day.   I have Minions!!!


2:09 PM

I am almost forgot…

My lovely envelope from the Lucky Charms Mini Swap:


1:10 PM

In the case of a Zombie Apocalypse…

I will at least have soap!  This soap has my favorite scent so far.   It is manly yet still soft enough for a woman.   It will be listed in the Farm Store soon.


This is a rebatch of some soap that didn’t hold it’s scent after curing.   I am all about the smellies :)   I can’t wait to see how it will look after it’s unmolded.   I decided to try layering colors for effect.


This beautiful disaster will have to be rebatched also I am afraid.   Failure to plan = failed soap :(   I didn’t check to be sure I had enough lye and ended up two ounces short.   I thought I would practice swirling and as is life it looks pretty great.   Too bad I have to re-do.


I finished up some custom dye orders this weekend (fitting for labor day wouldn’t you say?)



And now I am busy updating the farm store :)



2:05 PM

Where in the World is My8kidsmom?

Sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly :(   I have been crafting like crazy though!



I have been working on new colorways and trying out new yarn bases.





I spent a couple of days working on old and new soap recipes and even tried my hand at hand-milled soap.


I have fulled a bag that I knitted up, now I just need to add the embellishments.


Spun up some yarn…



and nearly finished a pair of fingerless mitts I had been working on.

2:25 PM

Getting Crafty with Cake And Lace


This past weekend we had an open house for our two oldest boys.  I know, I know it’s late but that’s life here at the Peck household.   Technically Joey graduated last year but he still had math to finish.   He became very sick and was diagnosed with colitis.  Since Joey’s finished in December we decided to do them both this summer.   On a whim I decided to try my hand at cake decorating!



How’d I do?  :)

I am also busy getting ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival where I will be working in a booth with Allison from Great Lakes Pygora and Ewe Spun Woolworks.   Since Allison sells beautiful pygora in one ounce packages we really needed to have a sample to show what one ounce will do.



I spun it lace weight and knitted it as a single using the ostrich plume pattern.

10:31 PM


DSC_0929 DSC_0894 DSC_0821 DSC_0865


DSC_0812 DSC_0884


3:39 PM

Peaches and cupcakes oh my!

There are bushels of peaches sitting on my kitchen floor and cupcakes to be made for a graduation party….but don’t bother me, I’m knitting!


(Don’t worry I am on my way to get back to work!)

2:21 PM

A good day…

I feel like I have been burning the candle at both ends juggling all that needs to be done.  Today I am at home waiting for someone to pick up a lamb and I am getting so much done it is refreshing!


I am knitting up a sample of lace from handspun pygora and it is heaven.


I had some downtime and used it to download the lovely Liesl pattern that I will use this linen yarn to knit up.


And although all the yarn this shawl was knitted to display was sold I am finishing up the knitting it and am very nearly finished!


Finally, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the dye pot.




Oh, I even had time to make some blackberry cobbler!


8:30 AM

Hello World!

Last year was our first year doing fiber festivals (I say “we” because Great Lakes Pygora/Ewe Spun Woolworks and I have a partnership called Wooly Friends and we travel to fiber shows together) and we made a lot of mistakes.   This year we feel a bit more confident and a bit more ready to meet the world.



A lot of my knitting time right now is spent on samples for the booth but I pick patterns that I can wear and enjoy so it doesn’t take any of the joy.DSC_0812

I have cleared out some of the extra debris in my fiber room and now I am focusing on fiber batts.  I just love to spin these things so I am just as happy spinning them myself if they don’t sell!


My first weaving project is off the loom and looking very much like a first weaving project but I am still pleased as punch!   This is going to be a bag.


The dye business has grown enough that I am now dyeing 4 days a week or so!   I am very thankful :)   The farm store is being update weekly unless I am close to another fiber festival.  Please stop by and check it out!