1:24 PM


My last handspun of 2009!


This is from a Twilight (or New Moon?  I can’t remember) themed batt by River Poet


This yarn was spun for White Cloud Alpacas and is from these batts:



and finally, this lovely fiber I received in a swap (it’s corriedale if memory serves…)


The last handspun of 2009!!!


And in parting there is a 20% off storewide sale at the farm store.  Just use the code “LC2009” ; it’s good today only.

5:45 PM


feb inspiration

Can you imagine the batts, hand dyed fiber and yarn I am planning to create using this as my inspiration??

12:43 PM

Oops…I almost forgot!

A Farm Store update is in progress!






12:08 PM


So I have been on Ravelry for quite sometime but I have never really taken advantage of the stash.   I am not sure why but as I look at my ever increasing stash I thought it might be a good day to give it a try!   I am proud to say I am stashing  5yarns today!  (Yeah, I have a lot more…but it’s a start!)


Berroco Inca Gold


3:27 PM

Website Update!

I am very excited to have my website up and running!   I am even more excited to have my niece over on Wednesday to help me tweek it!   In the meantime here are a few of the goodies you will find:






3:21 PM

Exciting news!!

The new online store is now live!!!  There is still tweaking to be done but I would love  to hear feedback.   (and a few sales wouldn’t hurt either! )


I am spending the next hour or so carding up some batts and they will be in the store tomorrow.

And for all you phatfiber phans here is a sneak peak at the beginning of my January Samples:


Hope you have a great holiday!  If you are interested take a peak at the farm blog.  Marilla of Moonlight and Laughter just sent me the best Secret Santa package!

10:08 AM

I Have Been….





Drum Carding


and Rug Hooking….



8:59 PM



As you well know, I love to swap!   I received a beautiful package from maiziemama on Ravelry but my internet has been down and I have been unable to post it…

DSC_0039  She sent me a beautiful batt and some beautiful roving, tea (I love, love, love tea) and Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush.

Nice stuff!!  Thanks much!

On the crafty side (or actually not so crafty come to think of it) I am spending most of my time attempting to set up my very own online store.  Not the easiest thing I have ever done…we’ll leave it at that. 

And for my faithful fans….DSC_0042

A moment in history!  (Okay that is a bit cheesy)  You are viewing a picture of the first bamboo dyed by yours truly!   AND…most likely the last…getting this stuff rinsed out is not fun.  I prefer to only do un-fun things if I am forced to…

Oh! OH! oh!   I am now officially on google wave!!!   …..anybody want to tell me how to use it?

1:25 PM

Will life ever slow down???


It’s been a bit busy round these parts lately…on Monday my daughter’s parrotlet died.   We bought her a cockatiel b/c she thought she wanted a bigger bird and her mom bought her a cockatiel (in my defense we were both pretty grief stricken at the time).  Anyway to make a long story short we ended up traveling an hour and a half to Lansing to get another parrotlet.   We took the new birds to the vet for a post purchase exam only to find out the cockatiel is very sick…so today is the first day this week I haven’t been to the vet (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself)


At any rate I am working diligently on my very own website!!  It is totally done and pretty yet so I will share the link later but soon I hope to have everything from both etsy shops moved to the new store :)  The yarn pictured about is dyed in the Fright colorway.

And finally, the last and most fabulous part:  Swaps!!

This is my loot from the Fibery Goodness Swap on Ravelry:


I am in the process of putting together my Secret Santa package for the phatfiber group and will share pictures of that later.