3:46 PM

The days are full.......

And lately they have been full of work, especially in preparation for tax season; but today I will play!

First, I did a couple of cast ons for the Village Along Cast On Mania. So far I have:

The MaidenShawl

This Purse

The Ravenna Satchel

and this Kerchief

I am casting on without shame and it feels sooooo good!

I also spent some time dyeing today and added a new yarn to my etsy store.

And here is Leon :) This is my lame attempt at photography! You can read more about Leon if you are interested here.

1:50 PM

Happy Dye Day!

I am so happy on those days when I finish dyeing and I love everything! (Trust me I have had plenty ughhhs!) These colorways are in the process of being uploaded in my Etsy store today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately hubby came home early which means I didn't get everything dyed. There are two skeins of worsted weight superwash waiting for the dye pot as is Moukin's 8oz of merino. She asked for blue green and purple. Yummy! It is on the schedule for Friday, promise!

For those of you who sell on Etsy, here's a new "I love it" website (maybe just new to me.....)
Go there to quickly check out who hearts you and your items!

Oh and Ravelry is forever devouring my time (I love it anyway). I found this so fun group: Village Hopelessly Overcommitted. They tell me that for the next four days I can cast on as many things as I want!! Woohooo! Today I am finally casting on for the MaidenShawl using this yarn:

This is one of the dyeing ugghs but its an alpaca blend so I am hoping to love it when it's knit up.

Off to cast on!

4:35 PM

The UFO's are taking over......

So I decided to take stock.......

Those are only a few of the UFOs. Two of them are actively being knitted at least.......gee whiz, you would think they were breeding.

I did get a couple of things done this week: Jane's fleece got washed (I think it's Romney??) and I updated my Etsy Shop.

3:46 PM

Fresh off the bobbin......

I finally finished working my way through all the raw pygora I got from Great Lakes Pygora during Spin Guild this morning :) Because it was waiting to be spun so long I thought it best to go ahead and get it plied. I had some Cormo fleece that I need to wash once more (the first round I was still learning the fleece washing technique and didn't realize it really needed more washing than say, shetland and alpaca) so I decided to spin the Cormo somewhat in the grease and ply the two. I am really happy with the results but I will definitely wash the Cormo again before spinning any more because drafting was tricky.

And.....because I have so much free time I have taken up another hobby.....photography! I am waiting for UPS to bring my new Nikon D60!

9:08 AM

What is going on over there????

There's been lots of drama in my life so I am a bit behind on blogging......

Let's see what is going on here.......
Sales have been sloooooowwww at Etsy but there have been sales :) As it gets closer to the end of the month I am browsing through the stores that are participating in the Stone Soup Challenge.
I found a few things I really like, for instance:

This lovely headband would look really nice against my dark hair......

and I'm thinking this might make a nice knitting journal........

I haven't gotten the chance to go through all the stores yet but I have got about a week before the end of the month anyway.

On the knitting side, a good friend from middle school (can you believe it? We found each other at Knit Michigan) came to visit. It had been a stressful day and looking forward to seeing her really made the day seem less gloomy :) Check out this beautiful sweater she hand knitted!

3:36 PM

And the winner is.......

I know I used the same title last time but my creative juices are not flowing this week.

The winner: Moukin!!! Congratulations!!!

4:23 PM

Sock Yarn!!! And I have been featured!

Here is a couple of pic's of the sock yarn I dyed for hxcKari :) hxckari, let me know which one you would like and I will pop it in the mail right away!

And......I am very excited!!! I was featured here. If you are not familiar with the Stone Soup Challenge, it is wonderful way for us Etsians to support each other. Check it out!

And another update for my etsy shop is in the works :) Some lovely Alpaca blend and more 100% Merino.

Our latest contest ends tomorrow! Thanks to everyone who has entered. Last I checked there were 61 contestants!

12:56 PM

If I were more organized......

  • My house wouldn't be such a mess.....people could actually come over.
  • I would have more time because I wouldn't waste so much time looking for things.....
  • I would be more relaxed, I wouldn't constantly be thinking about what's not done (or would I?)
  • I would already have my stuff ready for Spin Guild tomorrow since I know I have to work tonight
  • My taxes would be done (that reminds me....where is my phone? I need to call the accountant)
  • I wouldn't be freaking out right now because my husband's on his way home and the HOUSE IS A MESS!
Well enough blogging time to go knit....err I mean organize!

3:40 PM

I love to swap!!

I love packages in the mail. Especially when they are as wonderful as this! This lovely package is from the Valentines Day Swap in the Cookie A group on Ravelry. Yummy yarn, a Cookie A pattern, a magazine with another Cookie A pattern, tea, makeup and a bath melt from Lush.

6:23 PM

Knit Michigan!!

Knit Michigan was lots of fun! I kept my credit card in my pocket (much to hubby's delight) and spent most of my time helping out at the book signing. It was great to meet Marla Mutch!
My friend Cindy talked me into picking up the instructions for donating Granny Squares. It is still really hard for me to be involved with that stuff after Todd's death even 4 years later (I guess you never get over the death of a child huh?), but I am going to bawl through it and start crocheting!

I have a dye day planned this week but I haven't decided on colors yet. Jane is letting me rent her basement (already set up for dyeing) so I am uber excited! That means less mess in the house, no more banning children from the upstairs, and no more comments from hubby "Is this dye on the wall?" (No honey, the kids were using water paints....)

4:57 PM

Etsy Update!

Another update for my etsy shop! Hand dyed silk hankies and GumDrop Lace Weight Yarn.

Tomorrow I'm off to Knit Michigan. If you will be there, stop by and say hi! I will be at the Maidenshawl book signing with Jane Jibson from Spinning Wheel Yarn Shop (and the author of the book) and Marla Mutch.

2:40 PM

Another Contest!!!

This one is for the spinners! The prize is 8 ounces of 100% Merino dyed in your choice of colors. What do you have to do? Leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite item is in my etsy shop and why. The contest will start today and ends February 13th. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please make sure you leave me a way to contact you!

What to know when the next contest will be? Join the ravelry group: my8kidsmom on etsy

10:19 AM

My New Stamp!

I don't have it in my hands yet but I have a pic to share:
Thanks to Winemakerssister! I found her through the Stone Soup Challenge and not only is she a participant but she is also from Michigan. :)

And speaking of Etsy, January was the first month my Etsy store was opened. Last night I sat down and did the book work and overall I am pretty happy with how it went! I hope to increase my sales for February and I looking forward to my next purchase for the Stone Soup Challenge!

I have a lot on my to do list, including updating our farm website and getting that into shape!

Oh and what I am crafting today......well, I am finishing the blending for a commissioned spin job that I hope to have all spun by Monday and I have some sock yarn and silk to dye.

8:44 PM

Ahhh the love of fiber friends....

I was blessed today! See the shoes? I am a shoe fiend, and when my dear friend Jane showed these beauties at LaGuilde I was in love. But, sigh not within the budget. "Hey if you see those go on sale, let me know." I said, hoping beyond hope they might come within my price range. "What size do you wear?" Jane asked. (I wear a size 8 and Jane had two size 8s)
"You can have them." she said.....
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I protested, that was just too generous. We started talking about something else and I intentionally forgot to try on the shoes. But, not Jane......
"Go try those shoes on" she said. My resistance was low (did I tell you how I love shoes?) and I tried them on. They fit!! I adore them! I am going to embroider them when I find the perfect pattern. Jane claims they are payment because I am driving her to Knit Michigan for her book signing. (Jane is legally blind.) I know better she is just that way, too generous for her own good.

But gee whiz do I love those shoes!

On a crafty note, tomorrow is a dyeing day!

In the picture you see silk hankies, superwash sock yarn (for hxckari), merino roving and some yummy alpaca blend yarn.

3:02 PM

If a good picture of me would save my life.....

then I would just die. I honestly have yet to see one, but as promised: the Silken Scabbard.
I have new must knit thanks to Turtle. This is beautiful!

I updated my Etsy Store with this:
But it sold before I was able to finish blogging! Woohoo!!!

If I ever get over this cold I plan on dyeing some merino roving, more worsted weight and sock yarn for Kari. She has requested pinks and brown. I have something yummy dreamed up already!

I am thinking of a new contest because the last one was so fun! I will announce it soon.

Oh and I must share my happy etsy finds! First, Juliaa kindly sent the earrings I bought for a Ravelry swap pal all wrapped and packaged complete with a bow!! Then, Winemakerssister became my first Stone Soup Challenge purchase (well, it will be when she is finished!). She is make me a custom stamp for my Etsy Shop! As you know I am just starting up and I couldn't afford much and she was very reasonable. And finally, I have banners thanks to bearcengic :

3:46 PM

Who won already???

Thanks so much to everyone who entered; your suggestions were invaluable! There were 41 entries and the winner is........hxckari! Hxckari, please leave a comment on the blog telling me what three colors you would like included in your sock yarn and leave me a way to contact you so I can get your address!

The process used to choose the winner was quite scientific. It included a coffee cup and an eight year old girl named Twila. Each entry was given a number and each number was placed in a coffee cup. The cup was given a good shake and Twila picked the number 17 (the 17th entry was hxckari)
But I couldn't go without giving each one of you a little something so.........if you place an order at my8kidsmom.etsy.com between now and June 30, 2009 each of you who entered will receive 20% off your order of $15.00 or more! Simply enter "Contest" and the name you used to enter (either your ravelry name or the name you used to comment on the blog) and I will send you a revised invoice.

Thanks again!

11:39 AM

And the winner is.......

I will tell you when I get back from errands! Oh the suspense!

9:35 AM

I feel yuck!

This cold won't go away so I am blogging instead of singing in the worship team at church :(

I finished the Silken Scabbard and will post a pic as soon as I can get my hubby to take one and now I am working on a felt bag by Noni Designs.

I earned enough at The Loopy Ewe for a $25.00 credit, woohoo! And....I am a Loopy Groopy!!!

Soon the LaGuilde Spinners will be doing a Read Along/Knit Along. We would love to have you join in! You can find details here. The pattern is an advanced lace pattern by Marla Mutch and it will be my first time doing lace! I am told by Jane (the author of Maidenshawl) That Marla will be available through the blog for questions.

I thought I would do a little research on knitting styles and found this. I am interested in the benefits of the different styles (just want to be in the know, ya know?)...plus I really would like to know what style I use!

And finally on the knitting/yarn side here is a quick pic of my new colorway now re-skeined.
I was looking for inspiration to name the colorway so I went to David, my seven year old. "What do you think I should name this yarn?" "Hmmmm..." He said, "Pretty, cuz that's what it is." So Pretty it is! It will be in my etsy store soon, gotta set the light box up and get some decent pics first.

I am going through patterns for period costumes and I am having a hard time deciding on one. The LaGuilde Spinners group is planning a couple of Historical Spinning Demos in May and October and I have always wanted a reason to sew one of these lovelies. Those of you who know me know that I am all about bling, so the more ruffles the better! At the same time I do want to be historically correct........and still be able to spin. Here are some of the patterns I am trying to choose from:
Which one should I use?