1:25 PM

Will life ever slow down???


It’s been a bit busy round these parts lately…on Monday my daughter’s parrotlet died.   We bought her a cockatiel b/c she thought she wanted a bigger bird and her mom bought her a cockatiel (in my defense we were both pretty grief stricken at the time).  Anyway to make a long story short we ended up traveling an hour and a half to Lansing to get another parrotlet.   We took the new birds to the vet for a post purchase exam only to find out the cockatiel is very sick…so today is the first day this week I haven’t been to the vet (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself)


At any rate I am working diligently on my very own website!!  It is totally done and pretty yet so I will share the link later but soon I hope to have everything from both etsy shops moved to the new store :)  The yarn pictured about is dyed in the Fright colorway.

And finally, the last and most fabulous part:  Swaps!!

This is my loot from the Fibery Goodness Swap on Ravelry:


I am in the process of putting together my Secret Santa package for the phatfiber group and will share pictures of that later.