1:56 PM

It’s life….

What can you expect?   There have been some rough days lately but it will get better -it always does.

On a happy note I have lost 12 lbs so far and I will be running a 5K in April!  (Don’t be so surprised I used to run 50lbs ago!  I can do it again.)  Yesterday I went on a maiden jog (yeah, not quite up to running yet, especially with the ice) and I made it through two miles!


I have been boxing up my phatfiber samples and hope to have them in the mail tomorrow …and I got some knitting in!


I finished a scarf for a swap using my Starry Nights Alpaca and I am halfway through my Peaks Island Hood.



morgaine24 said...

yummy might have to try and get a box

Lona said...

You go, girl! Lovely samples.

I just sent my bare naked (i.e. undyed) yarn in to Phat Fiber today. Hoping that folks view it as a canvas and get inspired to dye it themselves.

Lame, eh?

Twisted in Texas said...

HI, Just wanted to let you know I featured one of your rovings I bought last summer at Castle Farms Fiber Festival on my blog.. I do love your colors.