9:46 PM

Hello??? Anyone out there???

I dyed a little today.  (I chuckle inside everytime I say something like that!)  I am getting ready for fiber festival season and my first show is May 15th.  Are you going??  It’s in Greenville, MI.


Purty huh?


And just in case you were wondering I have made some knitting progress.


I love the pattern but I am not overly thrilled with heal.  It’s seems a little unrefined, almost like it doesn’t got with the flow.


Sorry I have been MIA for so long :(  Hope someone is still reading this blog……


Lona said...

I'm here! Love the yarn! I need to dye a little myself...

raederle said...

The fam and I are going, as long as Boo has a good sleep the night before :)

skaro964 said...

Very pretty yarn.

Twisted in Texas said...

Good luck with your May festival. Hoping to see you in Charlevoix in July. I loved my rovings I bought from you there last year.