1:09 PM

Stop the world!

I want to craft…I mean really how can one enjoy life if all one does is drive one’s stupid car?

I have been incredibly busy BUT I did manage a few things:


Here is the beginning of the quilt I have been yammering about….I do have some more bits added so I owe you a new picture.  When I have time….really


My first attempt at rebatching soap.  I kinda like it!   Normally I do the old fashioned lye soap (that was I sell in the Farm Store and I am completely sold out) but I thought I would try something new and a bit faster.  I need to get the soap restocked in the store.  Don’t worry I won't sell this ugly thing to you!


and I finally got my drop spindle full!


DangAndBlast! said...

I'm impressed how thin you get it on the drop spindle... I never could, so had to go for a wheel. ... thinking... hey, does that mean the yarn from you I won in a Phat Fiber giveaway was spindle-spun? If so... wow!