4:01 PM

Naked Sheep

Shearing day has come and gone! I am exhausted and my neck is throbbing but it really was a lot of fun! About 40 or so people showed up and some of those witnessed sheep shearing for the first time! I am convinced the word "sheepish" comes from naked sheep!

I was very happy with all our fleeces but our Cormo Ram, Herman produced a beautiful fleece that blew me away; all of 5" in staple length!

If you are interested in raw fleeces I will be uploading what's for sale on The Counting Sheep Farm Website as I sort through them. Feel free to email me (you will find the email on the website contact me page) if there is something specific you are interested in!

Oh....and another update is coming for the etsy shop, here's a sneak peek:

Now just to decide on a name.........hmmm maybe it's time for another contest!


bethanyg said...

Oh I wish I had come! Love those naked sheep, and the fleece and update goodies look lovely! Hope your neck gets better soon!