8:19 PM

Busy, busy busy.....

I am so terrible at this catchy title thing......but I have been busy :)

I got the last yarn package in the mail and now I have everything I need to do my Christmas knitting. This yarn and pattern is for my 13 year old son, Josiah.
And Allison's shawl is coming along nicely....despite the fact that I have had to rip it out and then after getting back to where I was I realize I messed up the border.......
But all is well I did have to tink and then re-knit but I cheated and just ripped out the border. It was a little tricky but worked out nicely. I treated it like dropped stitches.
I have some fiber back from the mill (you can see it here) that I will be packaging up for the phat fiber box and then I will be dyeing some samples in a new colorway: Spiced Wine. I just need to decide.....yarn or fiber?


Lupie said...

That sweater is beautiful! I love cables and the yarn will make great ones.