8:44 PM

Help! The mess has taken over!

The vacation only lasted a week but you know......I am still recovering from it! My office is a disaster, I have winter squash waiting to be put in the freezer, apples needing to be put into applesauce and the house desperately needs some deep cleaning. The dye pots are being neglected and my Phat Fiber box from September is still sitting here waiting to be properly ohhed and ahhhed over. I don't think even Calgon can fix this!

I did get my8kidsmom.etsy.com and countingsheep.etsy.com up and running though and even have an update to do tomorrow.

And......my bird loves me, so life isn't too bad :)

As promised here is another find from Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool: Merino Wool hand dyed using red onions skins by Vibrant Fibers. This is beautiful stuff, let me tell you! I am thinking hat maybe????


Lona said...

Welcome home! Nice to know the "maid" was missed, eh?

bethanyg said...

mmm, red onions! That's gorgeous!