1:59 PM

A day in the life.....

....when I finally woke up this morning about 10 am I discovered that my children had done all the chores, cleaned the kitchen, and had breakfast waiting on me. Can you believe it was a wonderful mile high stack of pancakes? AND they only had 100 calories and no fat???? Yeah me either. This is really how my day went.....

I woke up at 7:30 and watched my nephew while the older kids did the animal chores and milking ( they do chores in the morning which is great, then I do chores at night. I have found my hands hurt if I milk twice a day.) The house was a disaster and I don't think I ever had breakfast until 11:00.....if you can call pb&j and 11:00 breakfast :)

The to do list was long:

  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Wash 2 Icelandic fleeces
  • Make my first batch of soap
  • Attempt to beat my fiber room/craft room/office into some semblance of order
Obviously the list doesn't include the laundry, meal preparation and general housecleaning that is also necessary.
The fleeces got done and so did the soap! And I even got back into the dyeing saddle and overdyed this:
I only did one batch because I wanted to see how it would behave with the dye since it a blend of Alpaca, Cormo and Silk. I am guessing the silk is really going to pop.
The fiber room/craft room/office is still left undone. My biggest problem is that my stuff has out grown the room. Call it what you want, it's too small.