7:14 PM

In which Tyler gets phat.....

or the Phat Fiber Box is here! Part One

Who is Tyler you ask?

No, silly, this isn't Tyler. This is Twila. She is the little girl that hovers over the box hoping to take all the beautiful yarn.

This is Tyler. Tyler is my 10 year old African Grey and he is very, very naughty.

But he has good taste!
He said "Do you want something?" (which generally means he wants something) and picked up Mama Jude's sample. Sometimes there is accounting for taste.....

At any rate, here is the first half of the wonderful findings in the box. Click on the picture to visit the etsy shop represented.

Uh-oh, I don't have a link for this last pic...can someone help me out?


Emily said...

I can! It's mine! NoLooseEnds on Ravelry or www.dameem.etsy.com! Thanks so much :)

Linda said...

Rachel check out my "Cemetery Diva's blog" tomorrow. I am nominating this blog for a Kreative Blogger award" The posting should post around noon tomorrow showing your link. Your blog is one of my favorite to read