1:50 PM

Happy Dye Day!

I am so happy on those days when I finish dyeing and I love everything! (Trust me I have had plenty ughhhs!) These colorways are in the process of being uploaded in my Etsy store today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately hubby came home early which means I didn't get everything dyed. There are two skeins of worsted weight superwash waiting for the dye pot as is Moukin's 8oz of merino. She asked for blue green and purple. Yummy! It is on the schedule for Friday, promise!

For those of you who sell on Etsy, here's a new "I love it" website (maybe just new to me.....)
Go there to quickly check out who hearts you and your items!

Oh and Ravelry is forever devouring my time (I love it anyway). I found this so fun group: Village Hopelessly Overcommitted. They tell me that for the next four days I can cast on as many things as I want!! Woohooo! Today I am finally casting on for the MaidenShawl using this yarn:

This is one of the dyeing ugghs but its an alpaca blend so I am hoping to love it when it's knit up.

Off to cast on!


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pretty yarns!!