6:23 PM

Knit Michigan!!

Knit Michigan was lots of fun! I kept my credit card in my pocket (much to hubby's delight) and spent most of my time helping out at the book signing. It was great to meet Marla Mutch!
My friend Cindy talked me into picking up the instructions for donating Granny Squares. It is still really hard for me to be involved with that stuff after Todd's death even 4 years later (I guess you never get over the death of a child huh?), but I am going to bawl through it and start crocheting!

I have a dye day planned this week but I haven't decided on colors yet. Jane is letting me rent her basement (already set up for dyeing) so I am uber excited! That means less mess in the house, no more banning children from the upstairs, and no more comments from hubby "Is this dye on the wall?" (No honey, the kids were using water paints....)