9:35 AM

I feel yuck!

This cold won't go away so I am blogging instead of singing in the worship team at church :(

I finished the Silken Scabbard and will post a pic as soon as I can get my hubby to take one and now I am working on a felt bag by Noni Designs.

I earned enough at The Loopy Ewe for a $25.00 credit, woohoo! And....I am a Loopy Groopy!!!

Soon the LaGuilde Spinners will be doing a Read Along/Knit Along. We would love to have you join in! You can find details here. The pattern is an advanced lace pattern by Marla Mutch and it will be my first time doing lace! I am told by Jane (the author of Maidenshawl) That Marla will be available through the blog for questions.

I thought I would do a little research on knitting styles and found this. I am interested in the benefits of the different styles (just want to be in the know, ya know?)...plus I really would like to know what style I use!

And finally on the knitting/yarn side here is a quick pic of my new colorway now re-skeined.
I was looking for inspiration to name the colorway so I went to David, my seven year old. "What do you think I should name this yarn?" "Hmmmm..." He said, "Pretty, cuz that's what it is." So Pretty it is! It will be in my etsy store soon, gotta set the light box up and get some decent pics first.

I am going through patterns for period costumes and I am having a hard time deciding on one. The LaGuilde Spinners group is planning a couple of Historical Spinning Demos in May and October and I have always wanted a reason to sew one of these lovelies. Those of you who know me know that I am all about bling, so the more ruffles the better! At the same time I do want to be historically correct........and still be able to spin. Here are some of the patterns I am trying to choose from:
Which one should I use?