8:38 PM

Are you Phat?

Wow! Lovely things come in these little boxes from Phat Fiber! This is my first time contributing so I am a bit apprehensive and anxious to see the response I get from the samples I sent in. There are some things I will do differently the next round but it was a good learning experience :) and I am really excited to be a part of it!

I have started dyeing with the intention of stocking up my etsy shop, getting my samples in for Phat Fiber ahead of time, and preparing for the two fiber festivals I am planning attending as a vendor.
I am trying to keep notes so that I can duplicate (as much as possible) the colorways I create. I am terribly unorganized by nature so this is a bit out of my comfort zone!

On the crafty side I attempted to warp the rigid heddle loom. Um.Yeah.Thatdidnotgowell. I am going to try again tomorrow :) But I have a pic of my first weaving!

Well, okay let's move on.........That's a bit easier on the eyes :) Alpaca and Mohair blend from YarnoraTale

Have a good evening all and let me know if you get Phat! (I especially would love to hear input if you get one of my samples!)