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A Funky Yarn

I brought my Phat Fiber Sampler Box to show off at Spin Guild yesterday and after everyone was done oohing and aahing I thought I would spin all the fibers together for one funky yarn!

Everything is all spun up and ready for plying. I chose Navajo Plying to keep the colors together.

And here they are in order of appearance:

First up is (Yikes I lost my little tag!).....okay I know this is from Danidocrafty, and I know that it is 100% Merino dyed with Greener Shades Dyes but I totally forgot the colorway...Someone enlighten me please? Either way it is so soft and shiny!

Next we have Kangaroo Dyer 100% Merino Superwash. The label doesn't list a colorway that I can find but it is wonderful pinks and oranges. Here is it as it is coming off the bobbin.....

And after it has been plyed. Sorry for the crummy picture :( Hey, I was spinning and taking pictures!

Next off the bobbin is Tree Canopy (100% Merino) from Woolyhands. This is the perfect name for this colorway!

And here it is once more plied (the yarn on the far back of the bobbin):

The next fiber on the scene is Beach Glass from Smoky Mountain Fibers. (That sure is a nice toe isn't it?) This one is close to my heart since I am from the Smoky Mountains! (This contributor is in NC though, I am a TN girl)

And here is where it starts getting really funky!

On the top of the bobbin you see 100% BFL in Mediterranean from Dicentra Designs with a bit of Kangaroo Dyer thrown in here and there. I had thought it would be a good idea to mix bits and pieces through out but changed my mind because I really wanted to see each colorway play itself out. Here is a link to the Mediterranean colorway so you can see it more clearly.
The next fiber on the bobbin is Green Earth Batt from Wild Hare Studio. It contains wool, ingeo (corn fiber) Tibetan Sari thrums and angelina. A nice blingy fiber!

Somehow I must have missed taking a pic of the single for the above batt, but the last single is Green Eire from Corgie Hill Farm. It is made up of Merino, Silk and Firestar. More bling!!

All plied up and ready to be skeined!

Until next time, happy crafting!


Marilla said...

I love the yarn. Great idea to navajo ply. I need to learn to do that someday.

Lona said...

Wow--what a fabulous way to spin up all those samples. I really need to learn to spin (in all my free time)...

Loved it!

Turtle said...


AnneMarie said...

Great idea - I do something similar to create self striping yarns - but I keep the fiber content/prep the same so the hat (usually) is easier to wash.

Marilla - Navajo plying isn't hard. Just think of it as crochet for giants! While I was learning I just stopped the wheel, made a loop, wound it on & did it again! One skein will teach you how. Go for it!

p.s. Glad you like my SmokyMountainFibers roving!