9:03 PM

Lots accomplished!

It was a busy productive day today.

Lots of fiber and yarn got dyed using crockpot and kettle dyeing, about 4 lbs or so today. Some came out perfect, some will be visiting the dye pot again.

While the dye pots were simmering we were busy working in the garden. The baby chicks got to visit the great outdoors.
I even got time to weave! (My newest hobby is addicting!)


Turtle said...

i so want chickens and hubby so is not into farm animals at home!!! May i ask where you picked up your loom? It looks to be a great size!

My8kidsmom said...

Hi Turtle! It's a Kromski Harp Loom, I actually borrowed it from a friend :)

vickie said...

i received your yarn in my phat fiber box and just wanted to let you known i love it what do you use to dye your yarn

My8kidsmom said...

Thanks Vickie! I use Gaywool, Jacquard Dyes and just recently Greener Shades :)