3:56 PM

NO Fear! Cast On!!


As my stash looms over me and my WIPs threaten me with certain doom I find myself losing my knitting mojo.  After all I have been knitting on the same projects for a month now.  I needed a break!   So I decided to cast on!  (Gasp!!  Yes-cast on!)   Using my stash of course I casted on with abandon!   In fact I am nearly finished with Ziggy and lovely hat knitting in an unconventional way.

No Fear!  Cast on!  You’ve got stash to use up anyway!

(If you would like to cast on with the group this weekend, click here for more details. Who knows you could be the next Crazy Cast On Guru…)


bethanyg said...

Ooh that yarn is great! My girls would say "rainbowed". They want everything rainbowed. :)

morgaine24 said...

i love rainbows so pretty