11:44 AM

Warped Weaver

Packed far away, among the forgotten treasures from 2009 is this rigid heddle Harp Loom.


I have found my weaving skills to be basically non-existent.  I am self taught by nature and almost everything I know (or think I know) I learned on my own….but this…not so much.   Classes?  I’ve looked into those.  I will have to save up.


At any rate I am pulling the old girl out again to see if I can’t at least finish what I started.


Penny said...

I have a 32" Harp that is still in the bag it came in. I got a good deal but haven't done anything with it. =(

Need to get motivated on that after I bless my house a little more ... so I have room to set it up and leave it! lol