11:08 AM

What’s in your bag…

I was going through my stash to upload more on Rav when I noticed my knitting bag.   I was amazed by how much my bag reflected me.


I have everything I need to be organized yet I don’t keep up with it!  My bag is a mess!  I keep searching for the perfect bag, certain that that is the missing link to organization.

If you look closely you can see that I have a couple of non-knitting items…my Hillsong cd for instance.


Oh the pockets!!  They are filled with my favorite sock dpns and just general I don’t know what to do with this stuff.  I am a hoarder and I have several needles in the same sze “just in case”.

Yep my knitting bag is a mess!   Just like me!

What’s in your bag?


geoknitter said...

My bag is far, far worse! I have free patterns folded into small squares, unused tissue (though since they're out of the package, are becoming quite ragged), a small package of chocolate covered cherries, my current project, and my notions tote. I really should ditch the tissue b/c they're starting to leave little tissue fluffs on my project, but I just KNOW that I'll need them in the near future!