7:31 PM

A book review or two among other things.....

So I hit the jackpot at the library the other day. On the new book shelf I found Twinkle's Town and Country by Wenlan Chia and Knitting On Top Of The World by Nicky Epstein.

First Twinkle's Town and Country: There looks to be over 20 patterns so that's nice. But.....I really don't like any of them. In defense of the book they are mostly chunky knits which are really not my style, but still, some of them are just plain ugly. Sorry Wenlan......

On the other hand I LOVE Knitting on Top of the World! The patterns are beautiful and wearable. A few are a bit beyond the needs of a homeschool mom of 8, but I might knit them up and wear them anyway!! (Okay I will not be knitting the Fair Isle Tam Capelet.) I am buying this book!

Thank you to everyone to entered the contest!! I got your comments and there were over 50 entries!! If you follow the blog I am offering 20% off your next order on my8kidsmom.etsy.com until Friday, March 27, 2009 just put "contest" in the message and I will send you a revised invoice.

Here's a peek at my latest dye job:


Daisymum said...

What pretty fiber!!!!