2:17 PM

An etsy update (finally) and a WIP

I am so behind on everything. Ugggghhhhh......

Anyway here's the official photos for the update. It's a small update this time but I am also going to put some items on sale :)
I am working on Bella and almost have the edging done.

I have been working on this for almost a year now :) But I am getting there. Can you tell I get bored easy?
My felted bag is knitted and waiting to be felted:

And I have the back and sleeves finished for the Climbing Vines Sweater.

I really want to cast this on:
So I am seriously tempted to stop at my LYS for yarn tonight before Knit Night......hmmmm

And I am really thinking I should knit this for hubby!

;) Or this.....

Just to break the chain of selfish knitting ya know.....

Well off to update the farm blog.


Linda said...

Now, I haven't seen your husband many times.... but I do think those items would look better on you than on him!!.
Have fun at Knit Nite.

Turtle said...

lovely lovlies!