11:30 AM

Fiber Frenzy!!! Or it's time to spin some of that stash.....

Now I don't have more fiber stash then I can hope to use within one lifetime, but I do have lots of fiber and lots hobbies and not a lot of room in my craft room/office. So I have made it my goal to whittle away at my fiber stash so I can buy more without guilt come fiber festival season!

First, I spun up the hand dyed Cormo I got from Foxhill Farm at the Michigan Fiber Festival (we also got some lovely sheep from her)
This first skein I plyed as I normally do, just a regular two ply.......

This skein I tried out the Navajo Ply method. I don't think I did too bad :) This video is the one I used to learn if you'd like to check it out. She did a good job helping it all make sense.

Then I started cranking the drum carder and blended some Cormo with Alpaca and Pygora. I can't decide if I should dye it or keep it natural......I love color so I tend to dye everything but I wonder if this doesn't really need to stay the beautiful cream color it already is.

Then on the wheel I have a lovely silk/wool blend, I broke my new rule (no more fiber until I have whittled the stash down) and picked this up on Saturday:
I just finished uploaded these lovelies into my etsy shop:

A few more things to make ya go yum!!!!

And finally, to conclude today's post a peek into the goodies I have been preparing for April's PhatFiber box!Oh and if you're of a mind to, I would love to have you stop by my little sis' blog www.sometruemoves.blogspot.com, she and her husband are heading to Africa in about two weeks to do their part to touch the lives of others. They'll be gone for a month serving as medical missionaries and I sure would appreciate an extra prayer or two on their behalf (and a couple of cyberhugs can't hurt either!)