3:32 PM


I love this pattern! It is from Spin Off so I am sorry I don't have a link but here's a pic of the first mitten. What makes this mitten so special? you ask.....well, I am glad you asked! It's lined! You pretty much knit a mitten inside a mitten. Pretty cool huh?

It's been one of those days when the paperwork seems bigger than you and the to do list wants to rule your life. There is more work than there is people or time to do it. So I am taking a deep breath, asking God for lots of help and doing a bit of the things I enjoy! So on my list of want to do is heading over to etsy to make my February purchase for the Stone Soup Challenge. I will let you know what I decide on!

Plus an etsy update:

and last but not least........Moukin's roving! I hope she loves it.


Lupie said...

Lined mittens sound great!