7:14 PM

A few things to love.......

I just got the latest issue of Vogue and I am adoring some these patterns let me tell you! This made me wish for a few more cold days. (Did I just type that?) Finding this online stitch library brought me back to my senses. Love new patterns (and magazines!) and I love new stitches to try.

I have been meaning to draft a skirt pattern for my ever expanding behind all week. Finally I decided that for $2.44 I can let Simplicity draft it for me. I love skirts to hide my too wide thighs.

Spin Guild was fun as usual. I love my friends there and I especially love that I learned how to Navajo Ply! I don't love the way it looks, I am much more fond of two ply but I love that I can do it now.

I love the no-knead recipe I found in Mary Jane's Farm, Twila and I are going to mix it up shortly.

And finally, I love that I finally got my etsy shop updated! Right now I am not making enough to do much except buy more supplies, but soon I home to help support my sheep habit. I love my sheep.


Daisymum said...

I love the beautiful yarn on your etsy site!!!!!