8:08 PM

And it started out as such a nice day.......

Or Life Sucks, Might As Well Dye......

Corny? Yep you bet...... I won't even go into how the good day went bad, lets just talk about the good stuff!!

This is Fuffala, one of my English Angora bucks, he's about 4 months old so hasn't learned to sit very well for grooming yet. Yep, that's a harness you see on him :) After their grooming the bunnies get to romp around and eat fresh grass but I gotta have some way of keep them from running away (or becoming something's dinner!)

This is Nutmeg, another buck. He's close to year so grooming him is a breeze. Isn't he a doll? His face isn't as fuzzy because he had some matts to cut away from around his face. Good thing I don't show!

I did get another update up, two in one week! This time it's all Superwash Merino. You can find it in my etsy shop of course :)

And finally, just to prove that I do attempt to finish things, a pic of my in progress Pillar Socks. I am doing two at a time one circular. I am using two different colors because I am putting together a Christmas box. I am putting one of a pair in the box so people can see them and try them on, then when they decide which they want I will knit the other one for them.


morgaine24 said...

get one of those kid octagon pay yarn baby gate thing that would work good