8:38 PM

Phattie Yarn

Monday was our Spin Guild meeting. I have such lovely ladies to spin with!

As is my usual practice, I brought out my phatfiber box for everyone to ooh and aah over. Then I spun all the fiber samples into one glorious yarn!

First up: Foxyie Batt from The Fox Hop, made up of Supewash Merino, Bamboo and Firestar.

Oooh.....this is me, I am really am getting to be a big girl :( Weight Watchers, help!! (I have gained 30lbs in the past year!)

Sea Roses Batt from Extreme Spinning.

Flowers and Showers Superwash BFL from WcMercantile.

Daylilly Merino and Mohair blend from Infinity Yarn and Fiber.

Lilac Merino Roving from WoolyHands.

Yummy Alpaca from Silver Sun Alpacas.


morgaine24 said...

much yummyness i cant wait till i get my own wheel i have the opportunity to use one st the lys to learn to spin on and than teach people maybe when i get good enough i covet a spinning wheel so bad so for a beginner would you recommend single or double treadle(is that what the foot thingies called??)