7:36 PM

Nan's Alpacas

As I mentioned before, Sunday I was invited to spin at an Alpaca Shearing at Nan's Alpacas and Wildlife Habitat. Wow, that place is beautiful!!!! Betty, the owner, is a lovely lady and gave each spinner a lb of Rose Grey Alpaca Roving! Of course I had my camera in tow and came away with some lovely pictures.

If you haven't been to a local farm shearing yet......GO!!!!!

Speaking of farms be sure to check out our farm website and blog. If you are interested in Cormo, Jacob or Finn fiber we have some coming back from the mill in a couple of months, we have newsletter you can sign up for to stay updated.

The dye pots have been simmering this week and here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's etsy update:

Thanks for putting up with the shameless self promotion! I love you guys!!! Oh and just to keep you in the know: Twist Collective is up!