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Another Phatfiber Phrenzy!

I am a bit behind but now it's time to share the loot! First up the stitchmarkers! (I adore these things!) I wish I would have gotten a better pic but here are the stores that contributed:

Vickie's Stitch Markers (Hers is the one attached to the cute fish!)
The Twice Sheared Sheep

oh and I just realized I totally dropped the ball and forgot to take a pic of these goodies:
Phabulous bag from SLV Folk Arts and Fiber Festival
an aw-thats-so-cute charm ( button?) from Earth Wood and Gems
Phab beads from Laura Murphy
and a crocheted sample from Quite Nice, which is, well.....quite nice!

Now on to the fiber! As usual I spun it all up into one phabulous phunky yarn!!!! I got all fiber this time so I am in love with Jessie more than usual. Just sayin.......

Moonlight and Laughter batt of South African Wool/Merino/Angelina called Sunshine on the Shore....
here it is on the bobbin (ignore the pink stuff.....)

Pacos batt of Alpaca/bamboo/merino/silk/giltz in the Mermaid colorway.....

Merino Wool roving from BunkyBobo's Hand Dyed Yarns in Hot Spur.

Mohair Locks!!!! from Goat Goat Sheep!

I love me some mohair so I blended it in a bit with the Merino. ,ut I didn't use it all; I am saving this stuff for some farm fresh batts!!!

A cormo/wool/angelina from Bohemian Knitter Chic...... a girl after my own heart (I am biased, being a cormo breeder I am fond of cormo!) Really this batt is phab! I didn't get a good pic of it being spun but you'll see more of it later.....

100% Corriedale Wool from Northern Lights Fiber Co. in the Breaking Clouds Colorway....
Here it is being spun up and look! As promised, on the end of the bobbin you see bohoknitterchic's batt.

More Breaking Cloud so you can see it loveliness!

More Mohair!!! (Did I mention I love Mohair?) This is from WondersMohair. As with the first mohair I spun a bit but saved the rest ;)

Superwash Merino/Silk/Firestar batt from Corgi Hill Farm. This colorway is Ocean Ltd. Edition.

Shore and Sand from Liberty Fibers, Merino Silk roving.....

On the top of the bobbin you see the above sample, on the bottom of the bobbin is another sample from Northern Lights Fiber Co. in Pretty Posy. It is a yummy merino/silk blend (oh my yum!!!)
Superwash Merino, Whirling Tides from nikobee (sorry the picture really does not do it justice.)

Oh no!!!! I lost the tag to this one! I think it is Delightful Designs (???) Can someone help me out? This was a nice fiber!
Milk fiber in the Sable Island Colorway from Extreme Spinning. This was another spin a little/save a little fiber :)

And a beautiful Merino/Tencel blend from it's a colorful life. I ran out of room on the bobbin for all of this one but it was a very generous sample. It will go to live in a batt someday soon :)

And finally the fiber that wouldn't fit on the bobbin but will also go live in a farm fresh batt:

1,000 Petals Silk Noil
Moonwood Farm 100% Bamboo top

Now go show some phatties some luv!!!


sunnie fairy said...

oh, I've got box envy! ;]

Landlocked Shores said...

Thanks for blogging my fiber!

Bohoknitterchic said...

Great post! Glad you liked my sample!

Serendipity said...

Wow, what a beautiful yarn!

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Yay! So glad you got some of my fiber and I love how you blogged all your samples!! It's always exciting to see fiber getting spun up!

Roo said...

Woo-hoo! Looks like you received goodies from both of my stores (Moonwood Farm and Pacos) - good stuff :)