9:52 PM

It started out as a crummy day but......

I got fiber!!! Courtesy of Allison of Great Lakes Pygora. She needs some spinning done and I have a love for blending my Cormo with pygora so we did some bartering. :) Here's a sample of what I will be blending the pygora with then spinning for her:

And what I get to keep for me:

Why did it start out crummy??? Well, EVERYONE in the house knows Friday is Spin Guild Day and you don't mess with Spin Guild Day. It's like messing with the Emperor's groove, but worse..... Anyway, my sweet husband changed a couple of schedules around and left me with no sitters. I did at least get to run to the shop to pick up my fiber from Allison and to pick up my bunnies (yep, new English Angoras only six weeks old! Check them out here.) I am in love with my bunny (Twila got one too!) and the fiber cheered me up. Even if I do have to give most of it back when I am done; it's going to be a dream to spin. Oh and the husband did call and apologize for messing up the Empress' groove, well at least for making her cry. I mean honestly, how do you forget about spin guild?


Turtle said...

smile at the groove interruption! adorable bunny!!! Fiber looks soooo soft and fluffy!