5:51 PM

The Spinner Stops for No One!!!!

Okay, I do but it was such a good title I couldn't resist. Anyway I have been busy spinning

This lovely fiber was sent to me by a fellow mod on Ravelry from The Loopy Ewe and I love, love, love it!!!! It is Targhee (did I spell that right? oh well) in the colorway Indian Corn.

This lovely blue fiber came from The Spinning Wheel Yarn Shop and although I equally love, love, love it when it's done.....I find it a bit tedious to spin only because I am spinning it lace weight. It is destined for a sweater from an issue of Interweave knits.

On the needles I have the Silken Scabbard (love, love, love again) and a pair of fingerless mitts. I will have to check on the links......

On the fibery farm side I have Shearing Day scheduled for our farm but I am considering changing it from a Friday to a Saturday........ BTW visit our farm website and let me know what you think!

Oh and shameless plug.....check out my etsy store. I'm broke :)