3:09 PM

A tangled mess!

Honestly, life could be easier. What started as a simple attempt at re-skeining turned into a complete mess. As soon as I finish untangling this sock yarn will be listed in my etsy shop but it won't be today as I had hoped :( These are bad pictures (which are the kind I take best) but the colorway is called Fierce Tiger and has lots of lovely oranges, yellows and deep dark blue.

Okay everyone pop quiz: Who is my favorite Indie dyer? No.....I'm not my favorite indie dyer (but I really would like to be yours! Please? ) YarnHollow! Here is a merino/silk blend that I am spinning up for a swap partner on Ravelry. Here it is on the bobbin waiting to be plyed:

Oh and I have started reading again. I would love to have you read along! Details here.


Turtle said...

loving the new yarn!! I need to perfect my spinning, that was one goal for this winter and now winter is flying by!!

here is the link for the cabled sweater wrap:


Angie J said...

Woot, at least I'm not the only one. I've got Sheila and my mom to bail me out with that type of mess though. They have the patience for it.